• Houston...we have a problem!

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    We need to create a massive


    against the biggest issues in our city!


    And we need YOU to get engaged and help!



  • Houston ranks #1 among U.S. cities

    thought to have the MOST

    victims of sex and human trafficking

    OUR children are at risk!

    The face of human and sex trafficking has changed…the victims look like our sons and daughters.

    Human and sex trafficking recruiters are in our churches and schools.


    YOU can help protect our children from being taken and their lives forever being changed!


    To learn more and educate yourself about our situation in Harris County go to khou.com/sellinggirls

  • Who We Are

    We stand on behalf of every HOUSTONIAN!

    We are Parents, Students, Abolitionists, Leaders of Non-Profit Organizations...

    we are Professionals, Politicians, Business Owners, etc., etc.

    We are ONE voice speaking out to human traffickers to say



    To raise awareness and take action, we deliver community presentations to schools and churches. A survivor's father, a community member and most of the anti-trafficking nonprofit organizations work tirelessly

    to communicate a powerful message and plan to FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN!


    TOGETHER we will fight the sex trafficking epidemic in Houston and surrounding areas by doing the following:


    1. DONE! Identify GAPS in services for victims, survivors & their families (click to read more in SERVICES)
    2. Start a viral social movement with nonprofits, faith-based organizations, cultural business organizations, the community and corporations 
    3. Provide support and resources to FILL THE GAPS! (see GAPS tab)


    All of this will create ONE, BIG & LOUD voice to influence industries that enable sex trafficking

    and obtain legislation that helps punish criminals & discourages committing the crimes.

  • What YOU need to know

    "This 6 STEP PROCESS being used on our urban and suburban students to

    RECRUIT them into prostitution and trafficking is well thought out and EFFECTIVE! "

    (father of a survivor)

    1. Befriend

    Pimps and Recruiters are in our schools and churches!


    This step starts with identifying a target. The targets who are most at risk are girls with low self-esteem or girls who are struggling with school work, friends or family. After a target is identified things proceed in a way that seems innocent and remains that way for many weeks or months. The ‘friend’ that starts this process is not always a guy. At this point, a pimp may not be directly involved. The friend will be someone completely non-threatening. It is often a girl (a few years older). Its very likely that this girl is a previous victim who became a recruiter or "groomer" as a means to escape being trafficked.


    The new friend takes your daughter/son places, she is fun, she has a lot of advice, and gives the impression that she is sort of a mentor. They usually receive some type of support (money, drugs, etc.) that helps them recruit effectively.


    PARENTS: It is hard to recognize this step, but there are things you can monitor. Look for new friends and be inquisitive about their parents, background, living arrangements, etc. If they are a new friend...find out who have they been hanging out with before your child. Dig into the new friend's, circle of friends, by talking to other parents or the school. Go through pictures on your child's phone, look for new hangouts or hobbies. Changes that the new friend introduces, should raise questions and investigation.

    2. Intoxicate

    They make sure your child has "fun" and feels a sense of independence


    The friend introduces drugs and /or alcohol. If the targeted teen has already experimented, the groomer will increase the frequency of use and ease of access. They will make them feel as if "everyone is doing it" (at least all the cool people) and they are awkward if they don't.


    PARENTS: Many kids experiment during this time of their life. If you see or suspect any drug or alcohol use deal with it early. Find out whether it was experimenting with good friends they have had for a while, or whether it is the result someone new on the scene. If is it someone new, I would be more concerned about a possible trafficking connection.

    3. Alienate

    They want to turn them against you.


    The groomer will be very polite in front of parents, but when alone the groomer is constantly berating parents. “Your mom is such a b*&%#…... She treats you like a child.” “Your father grounded you for that? He never lets you do anything.” “I bet you can’t wait to get out of that house.” Every teenager goes through a time when they feel as though you are strict unreasonable. The groomer validates your child's thoughts and thus creates more trust with them and less with you. It is usually at this point that a consistent theme/message, "Let me know if you ever need a place to stay", begins to appear.


    PARENTS: My advice is...try not to fight about source (new friends) of the friction. Try to use firm reasoning and love as the basis for all discipline. Engaging in a fight or simply putting your foot down (i.e. "I am your father/mother, and you will do as I say!") actually works to the advantage of the recruiters trying to drive a wedge between you and your child.

    4. Isolate

    They are separated from old friends and introduced to new "friends" who are "more fun".


    The new friends understand the teen. They accept them and support them. They stop hanging out with their old friends and even their very best childhood friend.


    You may run into their best friend's parents who say they haven't seen your child lately. Then you may realize your child was supposed to have recently spent the night at their home. You realize the person who has been your child's best friend for the past multiple years, isn't around anymore. This should REALLY alarm you!


    PARENTS: Once the traffickers take the victim through step 4 your child is in REAL and IMMEDIATE DANGER! Consider intervention, residential counseling away from their "friends". Think about moving the child away to live with a relative in another state, or moving the whole family. It sounds drastic but it is logical!

    5. Desensitize

    They convince them that they can have a "better" life. They tell them that things parents warned them, about are simply because parents don't understand their generation.


    The groomer knows this really cool guy. He is an up and coming rapper. Sometimes he works as a DJ at some of the coolest clubs in town. He is fun, has money, and is always on his way to a party. After a friendship develops he offers to get your teen into a club even though she is underage. He is working a private party and can put her on the guest list. That happens a time or two.


    The teen gets to sneak a few drinks at the club and hang out with a group of people who are four or five years older. The people at the club fawn over the teen and make her feel very special. The new group of friends reinforce the same idea the groomer started. “Your parents are the worst. If you ever need a place to stay just give me a call.”


    There is a guy that your child met a couple months ago who is friendly and nice. It turns out he not only smokes pot, but he deals a little on the side.


    That cool girl they met who is so pretty and funny. She has her own apartment and seems to have money. Another new friendship is developing. Then it is revealed that the cool girl is a dancer. She dances in videos and makes appearances at clubs with the rapper and gets paid for it. "Can you believe that?" "Life is so easy when you are pretty and cool." "Who needs college or parents?"


    PARENTS: When things have reached this point it is difficult to turn around but not impossible. Be looking for signs that your child is exposed to or participating in activities that are normally forbidden. If you haven't already attempted intervention with a survivor or support organization, or if you haven't removed the teen from the environment, you are running out of time...DO IT NOW!!!

    6. Capitalize

    And then...they take your daughter or son and make $ on them. ONLY 1 to 2% ARE RESCUED AFTER THIS STEP!!!


    They take advantage of the right opportunity when it presents itself. It could be the teen getting into trouble or fighting with the parents. Or it could be an offer to take a ride with the rapper right after their 18th birthday.


    It happens with younger teens too, but a girl who just turned 18 is a real target. Your daughter goes to a party and disappears. If she is 18, law enforcement is handcuffed. Unless there is clear evidence of a crime, she is just another young adult who decided to leave home.


    If the people who led her away can keep for three weeks, the chances that you will ever see your daughter again, decrease significantly!


    PARENTS: Know your options for recovery and support. Come up with an action plan to execute if your child disappears. Introduce yourself to the people and organizations you will need. Establish a code word that your child can use if they want out. They won't want to hear it now, but they might remember it when they need it.

  • What YOU Can Do At Home

    Abolishing Sex Trafficking requires ACTION and STRENGTH! Don't shy away...the price is too high to pay!

    Know the Process and Talk to Your Kids

    You CAN prevent this for your family!

    You may have already seen some of the signs in your child or his or her friend. Have a conversation with your children, young and old. Tell your children that you care and can be trusted. Don't alienate them.

    Change your Parenting

    The prevention starts with YOU!

    1. Watch for sudden change in Friends, Hobbies, or Hangouts
    2. NEVER worry about being overprotective; watch them & their friends
    3. Use old-school parenting & techniques
    4. Talk to your kids about trafficking
    5. A child’s “right to privacy” is not relevant; it’s your responsibility to know
    6. Beware of Snapchat and ALL social media apps
    7. Set up the apps then lock down the phone
    8. Insist on having the password
    9. Get a 2nd phone & link it to your teen’s
    10. Call other parents to make sure your child is where they say they are

    Discuss trafficking with family and friends

    Make this a topic of conversation

    1. Instead of talking politics, talk about the challenges our children are facing.
    2. Explain the 6-step sex trafficking process for urban and suburban kids
    3. Use this site to explain and educate

    Volunteer and FIGHT!

    Our community needs your help

    1. Volunteer to help obtain more signatures for the legislative petition
    2. Participate in an Elijah Rising van tour or Intervention Day (every 2nd & 4th Friday). See the "Call To Action" section below
  • What to do if it happens to you!

    Step 1

    Contact the police and make a report of the incident.

    Step 2

    Find a recent picture of your child.

    Step 3

    Make a list of all known friends and associates.

    Step 4

    Dig into your child's phone and social media history and information.

    Step 5

    Contact a consultant or search group (refer to the "Connect With Us" section for referrals)

  • Anti Sex Trafficking Nonprofit Services



    “You need to know this”


    "Here is how you can try and prevent this from happening to you!"




    "This is how you respond and react when it happens"




    "We can help you exit this industry safely and we love you!"



    "We can help find your friend or family member"



    "We can come get you or work with law enforcement to get your child"




    "You can stay here or we can help you right now"



    "We think you need help with this first and then...."



    "We will be with you throughout this journey"




    "You can heal & renew here for an extended amount of time"



    "We will help survivors with what they need to be successful"

  • Houston Texas CAN - Nonprofit Partners

    In a collaborative effort to have a big impact in the Houston area, these organizations are partnering with us

    to promote a viral social movement and other initiatives to FILL THE GAPS in services!


    YOU can help support these organizations so that they can provide services to victims, survivors, their families & our community!

    (partners are listed in alphabetical order)

    Boundless Mercy

    Raising AWARENESS and leading OUTREACH events. Conducting TRAINING sessions for first responders.
     Childproof America

    Childproof America

    EDUCATING, equipping & supporting America’s parents and families (ADVOCATING) as well improve quality of aid to victimized families.

    Hope Rising

    AWARENESS to prevent the victimization. RECOVERING victims through OUTREACH.

    Providing LONGTERM AFTERCARE, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual restoration for MINORS.

    Elijah Rising

    Ending sex trafficking and sexual exploitation through prayer, AWARENESS,



    Not In Our City

    We will raise AWARENESS, EDUCATE, connect, and mobilize neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city, until sexual exploitation is eradicated.

    Redeemed Ministries

    Operate an 8-bed long-term, brain-based, and trauma-informed residential program (AFTERCARE)for DOMESTIC ADULTS (ages 18-40) victims of sex trafficking. Since 2010 they have provided restorative care with a holistic healing model in a safe environment for up to 24 months.


    Rescue Houston

    Focuses on distributing and responding to 24/7 hotline (EMERGENCY), and critical ASSESSMENT and stabilization following victim’s decision to exit (ADVOCACY).

    21 phone banks across the city that distribute hotline number to victims of sex trafficking through secure phone calls and text messages (OUTREACH)


    Santa Maria

    Providing RECOVERY services which have a LONG TERM (AFTER CARE) impact on individuals and families served


    Project Girls


    Survivor ran team and victim service provider for the Houston Police Dept.(TRAINING). Offers friendship, basic needs, crisis intervention, rescue and ADVOCACY to sexually exploited girls/women. Provides direct access to care through immediate and safe placement (EMERGENCY), and RECOVERY.




    Provides PREVENTION & DEMAND REDUCTION programs in public schools and juvenile justice centers. Also provides PROFESSIONAL TRAININGS for first responders. ADVOCATES for survivors to find the best help for their unique situations.


    The Refuge for DMST

    (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking)

    a LONG TERM, residential, therapeutic community for girls, minors through age 19, who have been rescued out of sex trafficking.
  • Support a Nonprofit and FILL THE GAPS!

    "Purchasing" an item will not incur immediate payment it is only a commitment; the non profit will contact you for the donation.

    NOTE: Some items are set for $1 because items can be donated that are gently used or they can vary in cost.

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  • Call to Action


    Understand the

    Needed Legislation

    When your child turns 18, you have

    NO rights and you CAN'T help them!

    Sign this Petition and help John Clark convince our politicians that the laws need to change NOW! Houston, Texas CAN do this!


    (Click on the image above to sign the petition)

    Review the legislation proposed in 2017 Session

    Only one proposal has been approved!!!

    1. Protect girls in the Gap (18-20 years old)Raise the age of adulthood for any sexually oriented business or commercial sex act to 21
    2. Increase mandatory penalties for prostituting minors (anyone under 21)
    3. Require pimps to register as sex offenders
    4. Secure support services from ICAC and CAC for victims and their families until the age of 21.
    5. PASSED! Target nuisance websites that knowingly distribute advertising that offers commercial sex acts prohibited by existing sex trafficking statutes
  • Where We Are Having The Conversation

    Invite your friends, family, teachers and neighbors to attend and learn more!

    Memorial High School - December 6th, 2017

    935 Echo Lane, Houston, Texas 77055

    To raise awareness regarding human trafficking, MHS hosted a community meeting on Wednesday, December 6th at 6:30 pm in the Memorial High School Auditorium. Over 500 people joined to hear the stories of suburban Houston parents who told the audience about their daughters being taken by sex and human traffickers this year. "Learn what you can do to prevent it from happening to your family. You will walk away with a different perspective and awareness." - Lisa Weir, Principal

    KHOU Channel 11 - October 2017 launch


    Jeremy Rogalski offers amazing research and coverage of the sex trafficking situation in Harris and surrounding counties.

    Chapelwood United Methodist Church -

    October 23rd, 2017

    11140 Greenbay Street, 77024

    Stratford High School - April 11, 2017

    14555 Fern Dr. 77079 @6:30pm

    IStratford High School hosted a community meeting on Tuesday, April 11th at 6:30 pm. A large group of parents gathered to hear the stories of suburban Houston parents effort to rescue daughters who had been taken by sex and human traffickers this year.


    Spring Branch ISD Admin Bldg. - Jan 26, 2017

    955 Campbell Road, Houston 77024 @5pm

    Spring Branch ISD hosted a "Parent U" for our presentation and opened it up to the community. This presentation was similar to the one at Memorial, BUT it was condensed to a shorter time frame and had an individual speaker many have not heard before. Organizations providing services were on hand in in case you get in this situation.



    St. Francis Episcopal Church - Jan 22nd, 2017

    335 Piney Point Road, Houston, TX 77024 @10am

    St. Francis hosted a presentation at 10am between the two morning sermons. Having opened up to the community...all those you joined were grateful to hear this message.



    The Unspoken Revealed - Jan 22nd, 2017

    7pm @ Texas Asia Society 1370 Southmore Blvd, Houston 77004

    The Unspoken Revealed is more than a stage play. It is based on a true story and was written to literally change lives by reaching those lost in the darkness of Modern-day Slavery -- and seeing them set free!


    Its goal is not just to create a successful production, but to spread the awareness in hopes of putting an end to the second largest criminal industry in the world. Join the movement ... it matters.


    This an EXTRAORDINARY performance that awakened your awareness, moved your heart and BLEW YOUR MIND.

    Memorial High School - December 8th, 2016

    935 Echo Lane, Houston, Texas 77055

    In an effort to raise awareness regarding human trafficking, MHS hosted a community meeting on Thursday, December 8th at 6:30 pm in the Memorial High School Auditorium. Attendees overheard the stories of suburban Houston parents regarding their daughters being taken by sex and human traffickers this year. Learn what you can do to prevent it from happening to your family. You will walk away with a different perspective and awareness. - Lisa Weir, Principal

    Video Coming Soon

  • Connect With Us

    Let us know if you have a Principal or Parent that wants to host a conversation. Receive emails about our next event! Request materials so you can educate!

    Let us know if you want to be a Community Leader!




  • Volunteering and Job Opportunities

    Unbound - Juvenile Justice Outreach


    UnBound "JVUB" volunteers lead small group discussions after a leader facilitates with the large group. Volunteers would need to devote 2 - 4 hours per month. Training provided.